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The BeatGirls deliver a slick and entertaining show that appeals to a wide range of ages and also works well in many different environments. Bringing a wealth of experience to the stage this group is applauded by young and old both locally and internationally, captivating audiences with great costumes, sassy choreography, humour and a fabulous repertoire of songs guaranteed to pack the dance floor and thoroughly entertain.

Since their formation in 1996 they have performed extensively throughout NZ and also overseas at Festivals, TV, theatre shows, sporting events including 2 Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens, and many private and corporate functions.


No matter what the situation The BeatGirls have earned a reputation as entertainers who can get the party rocking. Just as at home performing to 20 people as they are at a stadium with thousands they have the ability to interact with the crowd incorporating humorous banter and often venturing out into the audience for a more personalised approach.

Their longevity is a testament to their ability to evolve and keep the show fresh and exciting for old and new fans alike. Their popularity is as strong as ever with bookings often coming in a year in advance.

They are also able to incorporate themes such as The Great Gatsby, James Bond, Blues Brothers, Beach/Hawaiian, Disco, crazy 80's, Hollywood Glamour and more - just tell us what your theme is and The BeatGirls will accommodate!

Pre recorded play lists are also available for all band breaks as well.

Whilst NZ is home base for The BeatGirls they have performed many times internationally - Puerto Rico, Colerado, Miami, Iowa, South Dakota, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Athens, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Sydney, Melbourne, Hayman Islands, Hamilton Islands, Perth, Hobart and more.

They have also appeared on the prestigious 'Today Show' in the USA which is broadcast across the country and viewed by millions.

Striving to evolve they constantly expand their repertoire and now cover many decades, showcasing hits by everyone from Amy Winehouse, Pharrell and Bruno Mars to The B52's, Andrew's Sisters, Beatles, 60's Girl Groups, Jackson 5, Abba, Aretha Franklin., Wham, Blondie and more!

The BeatGirls have real stage presence, the ability to perform great songs with funky retro costumes and lots of interaction with the audience. A real crowd pleaser for the masses promising to leave everybody feeling energised and uplifted.

Do the twist, do the duck, do the bird, do the swim, do whatever you like as long as you do it to The BeatGirls!!

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